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Dog Chews in PlymouthThe idea for dogs chews us came about when we took a weekend trip away with our dog George. Whilst away we rather embarrassingly ran out of dog bags so popped into the local pet shop. It was there we discovered a bag of honey covered pig noses made from all natural ingredients. We loved the idea of George having all natural treats so picked up a bag for him to try.

George’s first pig nose lasted for ages and we’ve honestly never seen him so quiet! He loved it so much that later that day whilst left alone in the room he climbed up onto the back of the sofa allowing him to just reach the open bag of pig noses on the side! Needless to say when we came back into the room he was told off for stealing the treat but we couldn’t believe he loved it that much to do something so out of character!

It got us thinking that other much loved dogs should also have the chance to enjoy such wonderful natural treats so we sourced other products and dogs chews us was officially born. We very much hope that your dogs enjoy these great treats as much as George does – just be sure to keep them well out of reach!

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